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Stars in His Eyes From The Fascist Franco Regime To Hollywood S Glamour An Epic Historical Novel Based On The Meteoric Rise Of One Of The World S Most Celebrated Restaurateurs Ceferino Carri N Is Desperate For A New Life One Of Opportunity, Fortune, And Fame But He Knows He Ll Never Find This Life In War Torn Spain With His Home Country Under The Heel Of The Devastating Franco Dictatorship And Call Up Papers On His Doorstep, Cefe Knows There S Only One Thing He Can Do Run.A New Life Awaits In America, As Does A New Name Jean Leon From The Concrete Valleys Of The Bronx To The Sun Soaked Hills Of California, Jean Crosses Paths With Legendary Superstars, Political Powerhouses, And Dangerous Mobsters As He Flees His Past And Pursues His Dreams With Friends Like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, And James Dean To See Him Through, Jean Soon Gets His Own Taste Of Stardom, Opening His Glamourous Beverly Hills Restaurant, La Scala, To Nightly Swarms Of Celebrities.But With Every New Adrenaline Rush Of Celebrity, Jean Is Further Distanced From Everyone He Loves Only In Searching Through His Ever Receding Past In Barcelona Can He Find The Key To Unlock The Dream Life He Has Risked So Much To Build.

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    No plot tension, no characterization, no compelling reason to keep reading We get all of the high points of Jean Leon s life, but few setbacks or problems that give him opportunity for growth He remains at the end a self cent...

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    I never knew biographical fiction was a subgenre Historical fiction I have no problem with, but this narrower focus feels pointless and even kind of deceptive Stars in His Eyes was my First Reads choice for June since it was labeled as a memoir and the fictional aspect wasn t immediately obvious from the website description.That said, while I won t be returning to this genre anytime soon, I enjoyed the narrative The author s writing is interesting He made a self absorbed, pretentious jerk of a protagonist almost compelling despite the glaring negative qualities present in his personality The historical setting of Hollywood with characters such as Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Dean, Ronald Reagan, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and others created a captivating story and environment My biggest complaint is probably the time jumps Many eve...

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    One of the free books on Tells the story of Jean Leon who was the owner and entrepreneur of the LaScala restaurant in LA He catered to the stars of Hollywood and up and coming political stars at the expense of his family back in Spain and his w...

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    This isn t a horrible book but it s not a great one either I got really bored throughout all the wine section The restaurant sections were interesting at times.

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    Could have been so interesting, but fell flat The main character was very selfish and displayed no personal growth throughout the story, which made him very unlikable The plot had gaping holes and was hard to follow.

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    Mm This is a meandering book, I picked it up and put it down repeatedly Is isn t a book with a firm resolution His drive for all the things, the discontent as he chases to fill the void he never found the thing , the fulfilment or contentment Left me feeling the same, unfulfilled Hey ho.

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    Interesting butI just read a biography about someone who I never heard of and STILL have never heard ofOK, interesting story but what happened to Cefe Leon since 1981

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    Enjoyed the story, that tells of the struggle of an illegal immigrant in the late 1930s The list of famous celebrities and politicians the main character encounters on his mourners interesting It s a good read.

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    In hoeverre kan het lot je zo goedgezind zijn dat je leven, ondanks de schijnbare en vooral zelfverklaarde tegenslagen, leest als een sprookje Het is deze vraag die door mijn hoofd blijft rondwaren na het lezen van De kracht van een lotsbestemming, de zesde roman van de Catalaanse auteur Mart Gironell, die onlangs in het Nederlands is verschenen Er staat bewust Catalaans en niet Spaans, omdat de auteur oorspronkelijk in de regionale, Noord Spaanse ...

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    Novela apresurada, sin ritmo, en la que un muchacho que huye de la Espa a de la posguerra recaba en Nueva York e inicia una carrera espectacular, llegando a ser un personaje sumamente influyente en el mundo de las celebrities de mediados del siglo XX.Intentando remarcar la grandiosa relaci n del protagonista con los personajes m s famosos del momento, la novela se convierte en un excesivo cat logo de actores, cantantes y pol ticos que pasan por el restaurante y la vida de Jean Le ...

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