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Here for It: Or, How to Save Your Soul in America: EssaysFrom The Creator Of Elle S Eric Reads The News, A Poignant And Hilarious Memoir In Essays About Growing Up Seeing The World Differently, Finding His Joy, And Every Awkward, Extraordinary Stumble Along The Way R Eric Thomas Didn T Know He Was Different Until The World Told Him So Everywhere He Went Whether It Was His Rich, Mostly White, Suburban High School, His Conservative Black Church, Or His Ivy League College In A Big City He Found Himself On The Outside Looking InIn Essays By Turns Hysterical And Heartfelt, Eric Redefines What It Means To Be An Other Through The Lens Of His Own Life Experience He Explores The Two Worlds Of His Childhood The Barren Urban Landscape Where His Parents House Was An Anomalous Bright Spot, And The Verdant School They Sent Him To In White Suburbia He Writes About Struggling To Reconcile His Christian Identity With His Sexuality, About The Exhaustion Of Code Switching In College, Accidentally Getting Famous On The Internet For The Wrong Reason , And The Surreal Experience Of Covering The Election As Well As The Seismic Change That Came Thereafter Ultimately, Eric Seeks The Answer To The Ever Relevant Question Is The Future Worth It Why Do We Bother When Everything Seems To Be Getting Worse As The World Continues To Shift In Unpredictable Ways, Eric Finds The Answers To These Questions By Re Envisioning What Normal Means, And In The Powerful Alchemy That Occurs When You At Last Place Yourself At The Center Of Your Own StoryFor Fans Of Samantha Irby, Michael Arceneaux, And David Sedaris, Here For It Will Resonate Deeply And Joyfully With Everyone Who Has Ever Felt Pushed To The Margins, Struggled With Self Acceptance, Or Wished To Shine Brightly In A Dark World Stay Here For It The Future May Surprise You

[[ Read ]] ➬ Here for It: Or, How to Save Your Soul in America: Essays Author R. Eric Thomas – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Here for It: Or, How to Save Your Soul in America: Essays
  • R. Eric Thomas
  • English
  • 07 August 2018
  • 9780525621034

    10 thoughts on “[[ Read ]] ➬ Here for It: Or, How to Save Your Soul in America: Essays Author R. Eric Thomas – Survivingtheholocaust.us

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    I have not read this book and it does not matter it s already perfect Eric is a god.

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    Joyful, deeply felt, and intensely funny, this is a book for everyone who has ever struggled with marginalization, self acceptance, or just the nagging sense of being at odds with the world Eric s writing is alternatingly laugh out loud funny and deeply introspective Loved every word and highly recommend.

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    Absolutely inspiring and utterly heartwarming I m in awe of the talents of this author 5 5 stars for one of the best books I ve read this year.

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    A thoughtful, though at times disjointed, collection of essays following the trajectory of his own life, Here For It is R Eric Thomas take on life in the United States as a black, gay, Christian man.This memoir tells the life story of its author through snippets of thoughtful engagement with history, politics, and pop culture From stories about growing up black in Balti, gay in New York, and black and gay in Philly, each essay is a little bite of a broader conversation about the ways in which these intersecting identities participate and contribute to life in the US Thomas, himself, is an astute writer who thoughtfully engages with topics like dystopia and Trump, and does it in a way that isn t easy And when he starts handling religion, he clearly enters his comfort zone, discussing topics with depth and clarity that is truly moving.Unfortunately, though, rather than have his collection of essays center around one of these topics politics or pop culture or religion that he clearly can engage with thoughtfully, this collection acts as just another memoir in an unending deluge of memoirs that seem to be publishing these days memoirs that don t seem to have a point beyond telling an iteration of a story that, though interesting and important in parts, is ultimately too broad to make it cohesively important.

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    Not to heap so much on a single book, but this memoir collection of essays helped me through a rough time, saved my life, and cleared my skin This was hilarious and hopeful from the very first page and it was everything I needed to read in this already exhausting election year I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.R Eric Thomas has an exuberant voice that is bombastic and enthusiastic So much personality, but without much direction to this book, it began to wear I suggest reading this a few essays at a time rather than trying to power through you ll enjoy it much .

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    I only knew the author from his funny Elle essays which I love so I was taken aback by how emotional and poignant some of the pieces in this book turned out to be I really enjoyed this.

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    I absolutely loved this warm, funny, not too serious but still smart and thoughtful collection of essays I actually found it somewhat unique as far as essay collections go it s not at all straight up humor, and it s definitely not straight up analysis cultural critique It s not academic at all, and though it s mostly personal, its scope is broader than just here s what happened to me essays Essentially, it falls somewhere in the middle of all of that, and is just so well done Thomas is funny and lighthearted, but he s also super sharp he blends heartfelt searching and identity grappling with quips about pop culture in ways that do not feel tired I especially loved his essays about the internet what it has meant to his career, its evolution over the past twenty years, and especially its particular geography He also writes with a lot of openness and rigor about Christianity, and his changing relationship with it, especially about the ways that relationship changes when he meets his Presbyterian pastor husband There s a lot in here about being a lost young person struggling to form an identity, and all the ways that race, sexuality, geography and family intersect to make that a messy process that pretty much every human will relate to.Overall this is just such a warm book Thomas has so much compassion and tenderness for his past and future selves It s not overly sentimental or full of empty hope, but it is full of delight In every essay, whether he s writing about how the suburbs are really just sets for real life horror movies or the bizarre experience of going viral and being mistaken for a white racist in the early days of online journalism it s his curiosity about and love of the world that shines through.A on the audiobook He reads it and it s perfect I laughed out loud so many times.

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    In Here for it, R Eric Thomas chronicles his journey into writing for the internet and finding an authentic voice Alongside this, he also takes the reader on a tour of how success works, what to do when the American dream seems to fail make jokes, the dangers of the suburbs, crushes, legacy, family, restaurant work, Krampus, Easter egg hunting, and the dream of what American can be and he makes you laugh through just about every minute of it I often respect authors and love to learn from them, but Thomas surprised me in echoing so much of what I ve experienced This becomes even surprising when you consider that he is an urban, African American, gay, professional writer and I am rural, pale, straight, and unprofessional as can be His voice is so distinct and fun that I kept wishing for a friend like him And even though much of the book is made to be humorous, Thomas is a great guide to how we should value achievement in our narratives rather than just oppression and overcoming as well as all the questions we deal with day to day where to attend school, what job to pursue He s got lessons to teach for all of us and calls on the reader to live, getting up every day with all the fears and tragedies and challenges and potential joys of being a human in regular old neutral smelling, depressing times Thomas is going to be here for it just like his title says and I hope to be here for his next book, too

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    I won this copy in a Goodreads giveaway.I read R Eric Thomas Elle.com newsletter every week It has been a bright spot in my Monday mornings for well over a year I don t think I ve ever read a column that didn t at least make me chuckle, and sometimes there is a bittersweet edge to his observations that never overwhelm the humor, because it is a comic newsletter after all.But the bittersweet takes a lot of moments in this book, and I loved it The only criticism I have of this book is that I wish it was longer Thomas reflects on young love, faith, the intersectionality he lives in as a gay black man, and the importance of family I got teary I was not expecting that His essay on the high school friend lost to suicide is heartbreaking but never over the top, always respectful of its subjects high school Eric, who can t quite find his way with anyone, and the girl he loves, maybe romantically, maybe platonically, another outsider who never really commits too strongly to any one person, place, or thing except Madonna That s what I got from a lot of his essays, in fact respect Thomas doesn t write about anything he doesn t care about, and even if it is a hilarious story about Easter Sunday at white church, he writes with respect That s not something you see a lot of these days, especially for writers known for their work on the Internet I loved it, every second.

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