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Raising Good Humans A Wise And Fresh Approach To Mindful Parenting Tara Brach, Author OfRadical AcceptanceA Kinder, Compassionate World Starts With Kind And Compassionate Kids In Raising Good Humans, You Ll Find Powerful And Practical Strategies To Break Free From Reactive Parenting Habits And Raise Kind, Cooperative, And Confident KidsWhether You Re Running Late For School, Trying To Get Your Child To Eat Their Vegetables, Or Dealing With An Epic Meltdown In The Checkout Line At A Grocery Store Being A Parent Is Hard Work And, As Parents, Many Of Us React In Times Of Stress Without Thinking Often By Yelling But What If, Instead Of Always Reacting On Autopilot, You Could Respond Thoughtfully In Those Moments, Keep Your Cool, And Get From A To B On Time And In One Piece With This Book, You Ll Find Powerful Mindfulness Skills For Calming Your Own Stress Response When Difficult Emotions Arise You Ll Also Discover Strategies For Cultivating Respectful Communication, Effective Conflict Resolution, And Reflective Listening In The Process, You Ll Learn To Examine Your Own Unhelpful Patterns And Ingrained Reactions That Reflect The Generational Habits Shaped By Your Parents, So You Can Break The Cycle And Respond To Your Children In Skillful WaysWhen Children Experience A Parent Reacting With Kindness And Patience, They Learn To Act With Kindness As Well Thereby Altering Generational Patterns For A Kinder, Compassionate Future With This Essential Guide, You Ll See How Changing Your Own Autopilot Reactions Can Create A Lasting Positive Impact, Not Just For Your Kids, But For Generations To Come An Essential, Must Read For All Parents Now Than Ever To Raise The Children We Hope To Raise, We Have To Learn To Become The Person We Hoped To Be This Wonderful Book Will Help You Handle The Ride KJ Dell Antonia, Author Of How To Be A Happier Parent Hunter Clarke Fields Shares Her Wisdom And Personal Experience To Help Parents Create Peaceful Families Joanna Faber And Julie King, Coauthors Of How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Raising Good Humans  By Hunter Clarke-Fields – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • Raising Good Humans
  • Hunter Clarke-Fields
  • 10 May 2018
  • 9781684033881

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    4.5 stars I ve practiced mindfulness with running, and I m excited to apply this to every day life as well Although mindfulness takes practice, it is very relaxing I love that this book shows you how to open communication with not only your child but also others in your life The techniques are easy to do so simple Why have I not been doing them Some of the communication techniques sounded cheesy but the reasoning behind it all makes so much sense I realize I ll have to practice harder at some of those techniques I also like that the book makes me realize I am not alone in how I currently parent and it s okay to screw up A good reminder that we are all human and our little humans are watching how we handle screwing up and how we fix it There are simple adjustments I have already implemented, and I am happy to say that I ve already noticed some improvements Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this eARC.

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    This book should be called How to be a Good Human There is so much good stuff here that is unlike most parenting books that I ve seen out there Although through Hunter s work, I am beginning to discover like minded practitioners who support this type of thinking, parenting, and living This book is not a how to guide in the sense that you can find quick fixes when every new little thing pops up It s of a mind shift It s helped me to think about my behaviors and those of my children in new ways But mostly my behaviors If you re interested in this book, you have to be willing to dig deep and be open, honest, and vulnerable Although I am a parent of 4 year old triplets, and the timing of this book feels perfect for what s happening in our house right now I can see so clearly how this way of living, thinking, and parenting will help our family throughout the years I ll be rereading this book many times over the years, I am sure Thank you, Hunter, for sharing your work, your struggles, and your triumphs with us, so that we can be the humans that we want to be, for ourselves and our little humans.

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    I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review A different kind of parenting book that was forgiving and thorough than others I have read in the past This book focuses on the practice of mindfulness, and how increasing our awareness of what s happening inside our body can help us be intentional and present parents This book breaks down why it s so hard to be a good parent, and what we can do to create lasting change It also explains what s happening inside a child s brain that causes them to be difficult at times Great read, especially for any parents of toddlers After reading this, I feel prepared to be compassionate and patient, as well as to forgive myself when I fall short of my parenting expectations.

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    As a mom of two young children who works full time, I needed an easy, accessible guide with tools that I could use immediately This is not a quick fix and forget about it read Raising kids is the role of a lifetime Raising Good Humans is a practice Each chapter has suggested practices that makes incorporating mindfulness doable and as not to overwhelm with another to do in a busy jam packed life Each encounter with my children provides fertile ground to hone my mindfulness practice Hunter is that guide It feels like I m having coffee with a dear friend who has been there, with no judgment or preachiness She s a mom just like me Peace in my home and life truly begins with me and my mindfulness practice is that conduit.

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    As a mother and parental mental health clinician, I highly value growth and thus spend great amounts of time reading parenting materials Most are good, and generally helpful, however Raising Good Humans was extraordinary What I love most about Hunter s approach is that she introduces readers to the oh so important biochemistry of the brain under stress while offering a compassionate framework to guide parents through specific exercises to retrain our brains Of all the parenting books on my nightstand at home and desk in my counseling office, Raising Good Humans has already become a quick favorite I will be sharing this book with every parent or parent to be

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    I wish I could have read this book upon becoming a new parent years ago This book is perfect and a wonderful resource for new and seasoned parents My children and 13 and 11 and I plan to use the tools in this book My new mantra for parenting is Coach instead of control Additionally, the part of handling sibling conflict will be a big help This is a parent must have resource

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    Wow I was saying YES throughout this entire book Hunter writes from experience and that s what parents need and want Understanding how our minds work is so helpful to break the cycle of responding to our children from our stress and overwhelm I highly recommend this book and it just might be the only parenting book you will ever need to read

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    Wonderful read very clear information and usable skills to implement immediately the book is good for parents of all ages my daughter is a freshman in college now and it has really enhance our ability to talk and discuss issues in manners that are productive I ve also use some of these techniques at work as a teacher it s just amazing I ve started to fall the podcast now wonderful wonderful tool

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    A powerful book any modern parent should have in their toolbox for not only does it help us raise good humans it helps us as parents also be ones Hunter s writing style is like a warm friend who truly cares about you and your kids If you want to be a mindful, loving, grounded parent and raise children who are the same this is a game changing read

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    Relatable and real Reading Raising Good Humans felt like meeting a wise mom friend for coffee and soaking up all the lessons she learned Helpful exercises woven throughout the book keep the reader engaged and on track for successfully raising good humans.

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