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The Gold of NoonThe Gunns Never Did Bring The Keiths Anything But Sorrow, Theresa Keith Acknowledged After She Had Left Her Home In New Zealand For Austria In The Hope That Fresh Scenes And New Faces Would Take Her Mind Off Murdoch Gunn, The Man She Was To Have Married.But Murdoch, Like All The Gunn Clan, Was Ruthless And Usually Got What He Wanted Did He Still Want Theresa

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  • Paperback
  • The Gold of Noon
  • Essie Summers
  • English
  • 25 May 2018
  • 9780373018840

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    When she ended her engagement to Murdoch Gunn, for what she thought were good reasons, Theresa Keith fled to relatives in Salzberg But she also pretended she had fallen for Rudi, an Austrian skier Two years later Murdoch shows up, knowing that Rudi married someone else Once again Theresa flees, this time home to New Zealand, and a new teaching position only to find that Murdoch is takin...

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    A reunion romance Murdoch and Therese had been friends for years in spite of their age difference Murdo is ten years older than Tess and helped her out of scrapes when she was a little girl He watched her grow up and waited until she completed her teacher training and had a job before popping the question Only a few months later, it was all over Geraldine, Tess s childhood friend hanger on tells her something derogatory about Murdo and something occurs that appears to confirm it.Two years later the story begins with Tess on the other side of the world in Austria She is contemplating going home as news from her family suggests her Grandmother is unwell Murdo turns up and Tess flees home.Once she gets there, a conspiracy is revealed and she must work with Murdo at the school I enjoyed watching these two as they dealt with the inevitable problems of working together in a small community who all kn...

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