[PDF / Epub] ☆ Seduced by Zeus By Becca Allyson – Survivingtheholocaust.us

Seduced by Zeus You Can T Hide From The Lust Of Zeus Dana S Held Prisoner Below The Grounds Of Her Father S Palace, Where She Lives In Solitude And Dreams About The Mighty Warrior She Met, So Briefly, One Sunlit Afternoon An Oracle Predicted Her Offspring Would One Day Rise And Kill Her Father, The King Of Argos To Prevent That Fate, She S Banished To An Underground Prison With Only A Single Opening To The Olive Gardens, Sun And Sky Above.Yet No One Can Hide What The Mighty Zeus Desires He Comes To Dana In The Form Of A Rain Shower, Peeling Her Clothing Off With Watery Tendrils The Touch Of The Warm Rain Is Like A Thousand Soft Lips, And It Leaves Her Skin Tingling In Its Trail Under Stormy Skies, Zeus Claims What A King Tried To Conceal Feel The Passion Of The Ancients In Gods Awaken, A Mythological Erotica Series Gods Awakened Is A Mythological Erotic Adventure Series That Follows The Magic Of Pure Gold As It Is Forged And Reforged Over The Ages The Gold Sees, The Gold Remembers, And In Its Presence, The Gods Awaken Watch The Ancient Lands Of Greece Come Alive In Lust Of Zeus, Then Follow The Series For Adventures In Egypt, South America, And Scandanavia Paranormal Erotica Content For Mature Audiences Seduced By Zeus Features Graphic Depictions Of Sex With The God Zeus, In Both Human And Rain Shower Forms, And Is Intended For Adults Approx 5000 Words.

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