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Colorless Girl Jinah Is A Girl Who S Always Alone And Has A Depressed Expression Eunwoo Feels Uneasy About Her Behavior And Is Concerned That She Ll Commit Suicide So He Constantly Hovers Around Her A Risky Story About Teenagers Emotions, A Debut Work Drawn By Lame

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    Short, concise and cathartic The premise of a boy meeting a shy girl is done to death, but this was executed fairly by not dragging out the back and forth I don t like you and I like you between the two characters and getting to the point That point being the progression of Eunwoo and Jinah s relationship The characters are interesting and likable enough because you can see what motivates them to act the way they do They re simple characters but they do experience subtle change as their relationship progresses.spoiler The ending of the the Web comic gave a d...

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    I like Jinah a lot she is so interesting,the story let us know the way Jinah sees the world and the problem she is passing through, we can see her emotion and how she fell in love Is a very nice story.

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    Bittersweet beginning with a lovely ending And SpoilerThank god, she didn t die at the end.

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