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Wonderful Lonesome (Amish Turns of Time, #1) In A Struggling Amish Settlement On The Harsh Colorado Plain, Abbie Weaver Refuses To Concede Defeat To Hail, Drought, And Coyotes, Even As Families Begin To Give Up And Return East The Biggest Challenge Of All Is The Lack Of A Spiritual Shepherd And Regular Worship When Abbie Discovers The Root Of A Spiritual Divide That Runs Through The Settlement, She Faces Her Own Decisions About What She Believes She Must Choose Between A Quiet Love In Her Cherished Church, Passion With A Man Determined To Leave The Church, Or Imagining Her Life With Neither.

!!> Reading ➳ Wonderful Lonesome (Amish Turns of Time, #1)  ➬ Author Olivia Newport – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Wonderful Lonesome (Amish Turns of Time, #1)
  • Olivia Newport
  • 16 August 2017
  • 9781628366310

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    This was an interesting novel about a struggling Amish settlement in the plains of Colorado Not only has drought brought serious financial difficulties to the small number of families trying to build an Amish community there but the lack of a minister and church services are wearing on the settlers spirits, especially as there is a serious difference of opinion on an essential spiritual question preventing the small Amish community from truly coming together in unity Through all of this, Abigail Weaver must make choices between the man she passionately loves and the church she can t imagine life without I thought that the novel was fairly well written and that the characters were interesting However, even though I enjoyed the novel overall, there was one major turning point in the plot that was based on a certain character s action that felt highly inconsistent with how that character had been portrayed up to that point, and the author certainly could hav...

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    The ending of this book makes no sense, in terms of what we see of the person Rudy throughout It is so incongruous with who we have been told he was that is falls flat and ruins an otherwise interesti...

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    After about 20 pages I thought another plodder I m glad I stuck with this because it turned out to be one of the best of this genre I have ever had the pleasure to read.It zeroes in on a new, small, and impoverished Amish settlement near the high plains town of Limon Colorado and follows the struggles of the dozen families trying to survive the droughts, snow, hail and wild animals that plague their lives.Young Abby Weaver is the daughter of one of the leading families and her leadership, faithfulness and devotion to the Amish faith make her a truly admirable heroine Two young men are vying for her hand in marriage, both with visions of their own Abby s own feelings are ambivalent and she cannot decide who her life s mate should be.Tireless Abby does everything she can to encourage the struggling settlers to stay one season but slowly, some of the families give up and return to their former eastern communities But it is not just the elements that are causing families to leave Abby uncovers a spiritual secret that is de...

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    BACK OF THE BOOK BLURB taken from .com In a struggling Amish settlement on the harsh Colorado plain, Abbie Weaver refuses to concede defeat to hail, drought, and coyotes When Abbie discovers the root of her Amish church s spiritual divide, she must choose between a quiet love in her cherished church, passion with a man determined to leave the church, or imagining her life with neither.MY REVIEWAn interesting story about some of the first Amish moving west and finding out that most of the good things they read heard ended up being untrue Abbie really fell in love with the country and had faith that the church would grow, not everyone felt the same way When some of the families make decisions that upset her, she still didn t give up, even when her family was giving up, she still held on strong to that faith Have you ever been told that you have to change your mind and give up on something that you feel in your heart God has told you this is ...

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    Olivia Newport has written a story about faith, hope and love The Weaver family has moved from Ohio to Colorado with great hopes of helping establishing a new community of Amish The author weaves a story set in 1914 and brings to life the characters with her imagery and dialogue Colorado is advertised as the land of opportunity Land was cheap, beautiful scenery were things that interested the Amish a lot What they really didn t understand was the hardships that would be faced with moving to a new climate We are introduced to Abigail Weaver and to be honest I didn t really like the character at first, but as the story progressed I found that I admired her greatly She is a young woman of great faith and lots of determination She never stops encouraging members of their small settlement and does what ever is necessary to help anyone The settlement has had the hardships of hail, wind, drought and illness, but th...

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    Olivia Newport tells the story of Abigail Weaver and Willem Peters in Wonderful Lonesome Based on an actual Colorado Amish settlement in the early 1900s, Wonderful Lonesome is quite different than most of the Amish fiction in the market today I would say it is like Dale Cramer s Daughter Of Caleb Bender trilogy than Lewis or Brunstetter s works.Abbie is a single woman who does the housekeeping and baking for the widowers and bachelors in her small community With only 12 households and no minister the community must decide how to proceed Should they continue to look for a minister Should they disband and go back east Or should they surrender their beliefs and join the Mennonite church To complicate matters the county is experiencing a serious drought Each family will have to decide what Gotte s wille is for them Willem would like for Abby to marry him, but she will not join with him in exploring the Mennonite faith.This book mak...

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    Wonderful lonesome is about a small Amish settlement in the rain belt of Colorado Unfortunately, this area of Colorado has had a drought for five years and in a good year the rain fall is about half of what the Amish in the Midwest would expect Needless to say, the Amish families present are having a very hard time meeting the needs of their families and the community Some sort of dispute between a visiting Bishop and the men of the community have stopped ministers from visiting the community for over a year The drought and lack of church services has prevented additional families from joining the community and caused some of the families to cut their losses and return to the Midwest.The main character is Abbie Weaver and she is the cheerleader of the community Despite the very significant obstacles facing each family, Abbie continues to encourage them to stay the course She...

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    A different kind of pioneer story It is 1914 but Colorado is still a wild, relatively unsettled part of the country Land is cheap but not without challenges as a small group of Amish settlers soon discover This whole story fascinated me on so many levels The historical facts for one the author based the settlement on actual Amish endeavors in the area at the same time and she deals with a lot of big questions The conflict that stems from those concerns both personal and as a group compelled me to keep reading No worries if you are not an Amish fiction fan This isn t that book If you like pioneer stories with a good does of grit, you ll like this novel It s about living a dream willing a dream actually and what you do when that dream starts crumbling right before your eyes Do you let it go or hang on for...

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    I enjoyed reading Wonderful Lonesome The story was good, and the twists and turns in the plot kept me turning pages until the very end I really liked that this was both an Amish fiction and an historical fiction book.However, the main characters, Abbie and Willem, took a while to grow on me At first, I found them very stubborn and they ...

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    I read about 25% of the book and felt it was too boring to continue.

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