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My Lord, My Love SynopsisMeliora, A Mere Servant Girl, Never Dreamed The Handsome, Black Haired Lord Of The Castle Would Ever Be Interested In Someone Like Her Possibly As A Mistress To Bed While He Searched For A Suitable Wife, But Never Someone He Could Truly Love One Look At The Beautiful And Exotic Meliora Bathing In The River And Ranulf Was Completely Smitten But As An Earl He Has Responsibilities And Rules To Follow Falling In Love And Marrying A Servant Girl From A Foreign Land Was Not Something That Would Be Accepted Or Even Allowed.Will Their Love Be Enough To Keep Them Together Or Will Ranulf Be Forced To Give Up Everything He S Ever Known To Be With The Woman He Loves

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    My Lord.This book should be renamed My Lord, Mylanta I swear The writing is ham fisted and there is too much of a push for an HEA at all costs The heroine is annoying The hero is obviously the most clueless man in the world if he never noticed that the girl...

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    Ridiculously boring

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    This book so had the potential to be great but alas it feel short on all fronts My doubts began to form with their first conversation after they kissed Her na vet had no bounds right up until the last pages And the hero was no better Even at that one critical moment ...

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