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The Diary of Nancy Grace 2 Nancy Grace is back and everything is not what it seems Will she find that love and understanding that she s been seeking Will Martha get what she deserves or will Krystal take over for good Download The Diary of Nancy Grace 2 By Starlette Summers – survivingtheholocaust.us

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    Nancy KrystalKrystal seems to have taken over Nancy and the things that are taking place is wicked and strange Again this is a quick short story that describes the schizophrenic life of Nancy.

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    Omg Such a good followup, Nancy is back with a vengeance and no one is safe Poor mama has to pay for what she did all those years to Nancy will she ever feel any regret And what about beauty

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    Loved it. read in one sitting my goodness the horror of that child s life. Nancy Grace was not strong enough to stop the madness inherited from her familybut she was surely trying to stop the madness by any means necessary

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    Again Okay, I really need to know what happened to Beauty Part 2 was even better thanthe part one Good short story.

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    Good book Cried a lot

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    Can I blame Nancy for the things that she did I feel pity for that child Was she ill or was it a matter of payback Sometimes us normal people have to create images in our heads to make it through a stressful day so what makes Nancy so different Just a question lol I am not even sure cause with a mother like hers I might have been the same way Treat others like how you want to be treated, NOT like hoe you WAS treated SMH I truly enjoy...

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    Unbelievablegreat readThis book was really great It was very graphic and left me thoughtless I was sitting in waiting area of drs office All these little kids playing around and I was lost in the book Only thing was book was too short But I loved it So I gave 4 stars for length of book

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    Loved itI couldn t put it down I read this book in one day so I read the next one two days later.

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    This is one sick family

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    I can t speakI love this book it was so sick and twisted but for some reason I couldn t stop reading.this book really blew me away

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