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Gravedigger Dead Or Alive Good Or Evil Hero Or Fugitive.Gravedigger.Valo Needs A Particular Solution To A Particular Problem The Human Claimfold And Prigon Torzsi Draw Apart War Is Promised In The West The Magi Of Nagyevo Are Meddling With The Dead.Perin May Be The Answer Valo Needs, If He Doesn T Get Killed Before He Works Out What S Going On And Then There S The Chance That Fate Hasn T Called Him After All The Gods Are Nameless And Silent And The Best Laid Plans Have A Way Of Going Badly Wrong.Enter The Spade And Sorcery World Of Valo.Gravedigger Follows Perin, An Apprentice Gravedigger No Friends, No Culture, No Future.And Then A Giant Bull Man And His Dead Friend Arrive Kesairl The Prigon And Medrivar The Undead King Come Seeking The Services Of Perin S Master, And Shatter The Insular World Of His Graveyard.GRAVEDIGGER S Landscape Is A Canvas For Great Events From The Claimfold S Little Towns To Great Nagyevo City, All Is Most Definitely NOT Well.GRAVEDIGGER Is About Living People, Dead People And Living Dead People It Has Corrupt Mages, Secret Societies And Ale Drinking Anarchists.It S Also About Brotherhood And Resilience In The Face Of Adversity It Questions The Existence Of Fate And The Motivations Of The Gods.Ah Yes, And It Also Has A Fair Amount Of Bloody Violence.If You Ve Ever Wondered What Kind Of Hero Wields A Spade, Then Perin S Story Is One You Should Read GRAVEDIGGER Is Available Through , On All Kindle Supporting Devices And As A Paperback.

[Ebook] ↠ Gravedigger  Author Michael-Israel Jarvis – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Paperback
  • 410 pages
  • Gravedigger
  • Michael-Israel Jarvis
  • English
  • 10 October 2018
  • 9781480219601

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    Michael Israel Jarvis is part of a Fantastic Giveaway at Tome Tender Enter to win THREE eBooks from THREE Talented Authors International Where Allowed Click on Banner to EnterFantasy, the classic battle of good versus evil, hard fought and hard won battles, pain, growth, are all parts of good fantasy and they are all parts of Michael Israel s Gravedigger Only in a fantasy can an unremarkable boy become a legendary hero, a wanted villain and a warrior against all that stands in his way from fulfilling his quest Follow as a young apprentice gravedigger without family friends or support becomes part of the world of the living dead when he is sworn to secrecy on a dark and frigid night by two strangers, one with the head of a bull and one a skeletal king who is part of the living dead world Will a pact be made between this undead king and young Perin Perin will set out in the world on a mission He will face battles full of blood and gore, he will take lives and save lives, make friends and make enemies...

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    Perin, a young man learning to become a gravedigger, takes readers on his unusual and violent journey into manhood Perin is a lone soul, he doesn t have much to look forward to yet, he is still kind, optimistic, and even a bit heroic.Gravedigger is a well written story of fantasy The characters are well developed and extremely well described readers are made to feel as if they are literally in the adventure ...

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    Whilst the title of the book might have you assuming that this book is a horror story, you would be wrong The truth is that this book is a fantasy, action, adventure story, not for the faint hearted.The book feels huge, in terms of events, characters and complexity You really do need to make time to read this book, in order to absorb all that is happening For that reason, I find it quite difficult to give you a proper outline as to what the book is about, as there was so much going on from beginning to end.Perin Foundling, the main character, is an apprentice gravedigger, working for a very wise elderly gravedigger, who for me stole the show at times Perin may also be the only one able to save Valo, where he lives.There are a vast amount of characters in the book, and it sometimes felt like new ones were popping up all the time I did find myself struggling a few times to remember which side some of the characters were on, as th...

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    I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Thoughts When I Finished I was pleasantly surprised after finishing this book Most of the story was a solid 3 4 stars for me but I really love how the ending turned out and that s what pushed my rating up higher What I Loved I think what I loved most about this book was the idea that this plain boy could become something so much greater than himself I especially liked Perin because he was just thrown into this strange situation and he ended up being a person that people looked up to and lead them I also really loved that there was no judgement in this book, which is a little unrealistic I guess There were humans, mages, undead, and so many creatures but Perin just kind of banded together with whoever he wanted There was one boy who was a mage and the mages weren t well loved in this book But Perin ended up becoming like a brother to him even though their relationship wasn t easy It was easily all the themes and morals that really made this book for me.What I Didn t Like There wasn t anything I could say that I didn t like but I found that the plot made me confused quite a bit The world building ...

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    From the very first page, this story thrusts the reader into a vivid world of danger, adventure and true heroes.Perin is a teenage boy with a job most people shun he s an apprentice gravedigger His master is kind, but friends and acceptance are words he s never known Still, he s got a good heart and holds no grudges He s the kind of character which finds a soft spot in the heart and refuses to let go Especially when an odd duo steps into the graveyard, and Perin s hidden potential of bravery and heroism begin to shine through.The scenes in this are masterfully described, making it simple to slide right into Perin s world and breathe it in along with him It s a fantasy world but has the familiarity at first of a historic town, allowing the characters to shine through before the fantastic creatures and plot get underway Which was good because this plot does race off and grow in complexity as the story thickens.In many ways, this is a coming of age tale Perin progresses from a naive teen i...

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    The title attracted me to read this in the first place I presumed that the story would unfold with elements of horror I was proved wrong.The plot revolves around a grave digger but it takes the reader into realms of fantasy There is magic, sorcery and the quintesstential fight between good and evil But I must admit, the treatment given to this comcept is what has made all the difference.Michael is a good writer but there were a few places where descriptions ended up confusing me As a reader, I lost conversations, their underlying meaning and in a way a part of the story itself Hence, in my opinion the language used was a bit difficult to comprehend He has used imageries in various depictions These imageries did pop up in my head every time I understood what was going on I also found bits of breaks in the narration A few places had scenes that could have been elaborated for better understanding.The protagonist stood out as one strong character and that was a major plus point for the story Sadly, many of the important characters were introduced in groups Due to this it really became difficult to separate one from another at times.To sum up, if you are looking for a fantasy story that has loads of violence in it, then this book is worth reading Maybe a second reading might help change my opinion or a sequel might succeed c...

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    Let me start by saying this cover is amazing and definitely called to me Along with the name because I like creepy stuff and the name gives off that creep factor I loved all of the different magical aspects of this book I m a sucker for anything that has mages in it so I was sold as soon as I saw that I liked the overall concept of the story and all of the morals thrown in there It made it enjoyable for me to read I wish...

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    Fantasy novels come with a certain set of expectations cheesy plot lines, clunky dialogue and a certain sameness that s plagued the genre for years Jarvis book avoids all of this, with a solid storyline and believable characters that feel like old friends by the third chapter Go out and buy yourself a copy whether you re a lifelong fantasy fan or a first timer, Gravedigger will make you fall in love with the brave people of the Claimfold and their wise Prigon neighbours O...

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    I ve read the free excerpt and I m very impressed I thought it was an original piece of writing but could be compared to other high quality stories such as Lord of the Rings It was beautifully written and very well researched I feel I want to read the rest of it

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    Michael Israel Jarvis gives us a fabulous fantasy story This book makes you want to read I could not put it down

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