BOOKS ⚣ Lets Visit Athens! Author Lisa Manzione –

Lets Visit Athens! Join Sibling Chihuahuas Bella And Harry As They Travel To Athens With Their Family And Go To The Acropolis, The Plaka, Crete And Learn About The Origin Of The Olympics Along The Way, Local Cuisine Such As Spanakopita Is Sampled And Some Basic Greek Phrases Are Introduced To The Inquisitive Youngster The Adventures Of Bella Harry Is A Picture Book Series That Chronicles The Escapades Of A Pup Named Bella, Her Little Brother Harry And Their Family, Who Travel The World Exploring The Sights And Sounds Of New, Exciting Cities The Bella Harry Series Is Intended To Be An Informative, Interactive And Exciting Way To Introduce Children To Travel, Different Countries, Customs, History And Landmarks With The Educational Value Of This Book Cleverly Disguised Amidst Dozens Of Illustrated Pages Which Are Sure To Win The Hearts Of Young Readers.

BOOKS ⚣ Lets Visit Athens!  Author Lisa Manzione –
  • Hardcover
  • 36 pages
  • Lets Visit Athens!
  • Lisa Manzione
  • English
  • 11 August 2019
  • 1937616053

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    Bella and Harry would be an ideal book for you to read to your kiddos just before traveling There s a storyline, which makes it easy to follow, but sprinkled throughout are the iconic sites and the facts that will be of interest to and stick with kids.Ages 4 8Cleanliness a naked statue that has been covered to not show anything Briefly mentions greek gods goddesses and mythology geography europe greec...

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    I discovered this book in a bookstore in Bucharest while shopping for books for our girls There were several books of a series featuring this pair of Chihuahuas and I perused them all What I liked was the colorful illustrations and the exciting adventure of exploring a new culture and city What frus...

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    A pair of chihuahuas take readers on a tour of Athens, Greece The story is written like a true tourist experience with the dogs asking questions about the sites and sounds History, culture, some language, and food are covered The dogs consult a map before heading out on their journey which works geography into this book as well Following the story is a review in pictures of the places the dogs visited and a list of common Greek words and phrases I HIGHLY recommend this book to elementary sc A pair of chihuahuas take readers on a tour of Athens, Greece The story is written like a true tourist experience with the dogs asking questions about the sites and sounds History, culture, ...

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    My thoughts This book is all about two Chi dogs that visit Athens, Greece While they are there, they tell the reader all about Athens.I really liked this book, because it helps to teach childrenabout the world around them One day I may track down the remaining books in this series I think it is rather informative and well written It is a...

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    Calling all world travelers To help prepare your children for your next family vacation to a famous world city, try reading together a picture book in the Adventures of Bella Harry series Bella Harry are quite the pair of silly chihuahuas and fun travel companions In this book, they visit Athens where they explore Greek culture and landmarks What I liked most is the fact that the books are not simply a travel guides ...

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    Let s visit Athens is my favorite book of the series so far I think the illustrations have becomecolorful and exciting for the young readers I also love all the fun facts about Greece and the delicious fo...

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    Again a wonderful blend of ancient and modern, tackling a little bit of Greek mythology alongside current Greek culture Another excellent book to use with your children to teach them about other countries Definitely serve up some baklava while reading this book

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