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Transforming Fate Into Destiny: A New Dialogue with Your SoulIn This Penetrating Book, Renowned Intuitive, Speaker, And Teacher Robert Ohotto Guides Us On An Investigation Of The Heroic Journey Of The Soul Exploring Three Modern Day Manifestations Of Fate, He Shows How Psychic Energy From Family Patterns, Cultural Influences, Generational Legacy, And Global Evolution Inform Our Self Concept Every Day, And How They Often Block Our Highest Potential And Fate Us To Challenging Circumstances And Relationships But, He Reveals, These Fated Encounters Are Actually The Keys To Our Unlived Life Each Chapter Maps Our Psyche And Unravels The Mysterious Connections Of Fate, Free Will, And Destiny, Transforming Our Fate Into Destiny And Our Limitations Into Gifts.Through This Seminal Work Based On Years Of Experience, Discover How We Ve Made Two Fundamental Agreements With The Universe As Part Of Our Heroic Journey One With Fate And The Other With Destiny As We Learn To Dance With These Two Forces, They Become Two Voices Challenging And Beckoning Us To Discover Our Ultimate Purpose The Primary Task Of The Modern Day Hero And Heroine And In The Process, Serve To Unleash The Power Of Our Soul In Delivering Grace To The World.

!!> Reading ➸ Transforming Fate Into Destiny: A New Dialogue with Your Soul ➰ Author Robert Ohotto – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Transforming Fate Into Destiny: A New Dialogue with Your Soul
  • Robert Ohotto
  • English
  • 27 December 2018
  • 9781401911553

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    I have read many a self help spirituality book over the last 20 years Some resonated with me, many did not In this instance, I connected with Transforming Fate Into Destiny from the first page through the last The message contained within is transformative I also appreciated how well this book was structured and written It clearly and concisely provides you with the effective tools to achieve what the title states transforming your fate into your destiny To understand what that really means and why it matters, well, you have to read the book Mr Ohotto has written a tremendously enlightening book that has changed my life for the better It is, without question, one of the best and most use...

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    Honestly, I don t like to give negative reviews and I thought about just leaving this one blank But I m tracking my books here mostly as notes to myself about my reading habit, which I m working on strengthening this year.So if I read any details about this book, I might ve known that it wasn t about astrology, which is what I wanted Ohotto s videos are insightful and deep, and I was looking for of this Instead, this book goes into his own spin on fate and destiny The fact that Caroline Myss endorses him is a big deal to me but he doesn t offer anything compelling or inspiring that I haven t already seen heard read The best part of ...

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    In Transforming Fate Into Desitny, author and professional intuitive Robert Ohotto gives us a guide for creating our destiny by learning to work within the boundaries of mortal fate, and by releasing victim mentality, allowing us to move forward with the creation of destiny finding our life s purpose what we hoped to accomplish when we chose to incarnate on earth.We ve all heard the old adage, Fate is the cards you re dealt destiny is how you play them Mr Ohotto explains that we choose our situations on Earth We come to Earth to experience and live within earthly paradoxes, such as joy sorrow, success disappointment, loss victory, and to create, providing growth that enables the soul to enhance its luminosity This is how the soul comes to know itself.So what is the soul, anyway It is the very essence of our being, our immortal, higher self that comes to earth to experience and create We incarnate with others who are seeking similar creative experiences They most often appear in our lives as those close to us, such as family, friends, and even adversaries who provide growth through conflict The most challenging people and circumstances we encounter may serve a higher purpose, an opportunity for our soul to grow and raise its vibration Mr Ohotto emphasizes acceptance, crucial in the fulfillment of destiny, and asks us to sit with the idea that our souls have chosen the situations that we are ...

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    I enjoyed reading Ohotto s personal journey into the discovery of fate and destiny He has a really unique view point as an astrologist It s filled with wisdom and the decisions about our individual purpose and destiny I could re read this book again He is a thought leader who studied with medical intuitive Caroline Myss Education Institute in Chicago I did not really use any of his astrological readings, but this book was really interesting because it delves deep into the difference between our fate ego and our destiny soul Mostly about overcoming ...

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    I borrowed this book from Beth At first, the concepts seem too intangible for me, but as I read on it was very helpful in understanding where I am now, how I got there, and that things will happen when they are supposed to happen Easy to read writing and very positive...

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    An amazing book, particularly in light of the many dances we are all experiencing as lightworkers Things are shifting, and this book helps explain how we can claim our destiny Loved it, and our spiritual circle really engaged with it in our discussions.

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    It is an explanation of the difference between fate what you are born with and destiny how you play the cards A topic that could be really dullRobert has turned into a great read Just enough humor to keep it from getting too heavy, but doesn t become fluff.

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    Really liked his book Reminds me of Thomas Moore s wise counsel in Care of the Soul listen to your soul, instead of your ego for passionate, satisfying life

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