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Slave, Finding AnnaStephan Has Lived The Lifestyle Of A Dominant For Five Years After Several Rebellious Teenage Years, It Gave Him The Stability And Control He Had Been Seeking After His Parent S Death.As President Of A Not For Profit Foundation, He Knows What His Future Holds And What He Wants Out Of Life All That Changes When A Simple Lunch With His College Friend And Mentor, Daren, Leads Him To Buying A Slave.Thrust Into A Situation He Never Thought He D Be In, Stephan Can T Walk Away He Is Compelled To Help This Girl In The Only Way He Knows How.Brianna Knows Only One Thing, She Is A Slave She Has Nothing She Is Nothing.Can Stephan Help Brianna Realize That She Is Much Than Just A Slave

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    When I first read the synopsis a rich, handsome philanthropic young man, heavily into D s acquires a young lady to keep as his submissive in his apartment, I was thinking Are the Shades of Fifty to be thus polluted But I was wrong, very wrong This book is absolutely nothing like Fifty Shades there is no BDSM, hardly any sex and it s not an erotic romance It s a story of a damsel deep in distress being rescued by a knight in shining armour It s beautiful but deeply disturbing.Stephan is our knight a young but very rich CEO who is very much a dominant One of his friends tells him that he s seen a young girl being kept by someone that they know as a slave and that she looks terrified and is also for sale Stephan has the wealth to buy a slave but is deeply opposed to the practice but goes to check her out anyway When he sees her, Brianna, he is appalled She is clearly not there by choice, she is terrified and badly bruised He buys her and takes her home with a view to freeing her but realises she is deeply scarred emotionally and needs some ...

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    Adult review for taboo content.Curiouser and curiouserFor a book about sexual slavery, it s actually sort of funny how there was not even one full sex scene HAH How s that for writing around a subject Maybe I m feeling extra generous in giving this book 4 stars because I did have moments where I felt like the characters were paper cutouts of real life characters Maybe I shouldn t have enjoyed a book so much in which the main character was so childlike barely legal, yet had the emotional baggage of someone much younger She probably should have been turned over to people who could have handled her mental well being in a appropriate environment, instead of entering into a living situation with an adult Dominant who has many years of life experience on her.But it is what it is I think what I appreciated the most about this book is that there was nothing taboo for the sake of shock value While I have read and enjoyed other dark erotica, sometimes I feel like I m being jerked around and forced to have to feel things that I don t necessarily want to feel I never felt like Slave took me on a roller coaster of oh shit for the purpose of making me react to horrific instances Even though Brianna came from an oh shit life, once she was in her new master s care she was safe And I was happy to see it.Don t get me wrong Every so often, it can be interesting to watch the freak show cir...

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    FREE on US today 11 14 2016 Book 1 of 4 Series complete.BLURB Stephan has lived the lifestyle of a Dominant for five years After several rebellious teenage years, it gave him the stability and control he had been seeking after his parent s death As president of a not for profit foundation, he knows what his future holds and what he wants out of life All that changes when a simple lunch with his college friend and mentor, Daren, leads him to buying a slave.Thrust into a situation he never thought he d be in, Stephan can t walk away He is c...

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    2 StarsDNF 58%Nothing happened and I mean NOTHING Got bored

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    I read this book a while back and it has taken me some time to come to terms with the contents Frankly I think the plot is appalling and misleading to what BDSM really is That he liberates Anna from her captor owner, is of course very noble and what any man woman with the means should do, but what follows makes me want to gag Being a submissive is all about choice so how can a man that is a fully fledged Dom keep a sold abducted girl as a submissive like this, thinking that he is equipped to deal with the trauma that a rape and abuse victims suffers from And then sickly he choses to collar her, because he KNOWS it will make her feel SAFE WOW To me the whole setting is just abhorrent, unbelievable and poorly researched It is just the rambling fantasy of an author who finds the whole Dom Sub genre fascinating Which by all means would be perfectly fine, if it was a sub who had a wish and need to be a sub, not a rape victim and a girl that had been sold The issue of the emotional baggage that would ir...

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    I did like it.I just I don t think that anything has been solved, everything is as open as in the beginning of the story Also, I am conflicted about Stephan taking upon himself alone the responsibility of saving Brianna.Book 2

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    Sorry I was bored There seems to be a whole lot of conversations and scenes of them eating but no sex And seeing that this book was listed as Erotica I was expecting quite a shit load of sex But nope There s barely any.And why does this book kinda feel like reading FSOG all over again Anyway, long story short I got bored I couldn t finish it Writing was repetitive and boring This boo...

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    Stephan and Brianna have the healthiest fucking relationship and I love them so fucking much

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    I honestly enjoyed this book but giving it a review is not the easiest thing to do Some books are easy to review just by asking yourself if you enjoyed it, what parts you liked and what you didn t, how easy the book was to read, and then write it all down and give it a rating However, with a book such as this one, it s a bit involved because the story itself is not as straight forward Reading and reviewing this story requires thought and decision work than most.Let me first make it clear that I enjoyed this book immensely The characters are a joy to meet and learn about They are likable and easily draw you in to the story You care what is going to happen and feel for each character Even hate for a specific character which I m sure you will recognize this character if you read the book Brianna is a young woman who has seriously suffered at the hands of an abusive sadist I do not say that lightly Being in the lifestyle, I do not consider a sadist as an abuser generally We are all entitled to our own extreme of our kink of choice However, this jerk is definitely an abuser She has gone through a lot and has a lot of emotional damage, but you can tell she is strong underneath and hope that if given time and help, she can recover With Stephan, you can...

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    I ll try to make this brief because I wasted enough time on this crap NO SEX NO STORY.Here s the whole book in a nutshell Poor Anna is a 19 yr old mindless idiot, broken from the last 10 months spent as a slave to an abusive and sadistic Master you can see why I wanted to read this, eh She s bought by a kind and gentle Dom who is just as mindless and idiotic We know they are both mindless idiots from the dual POV The rest of the book is one looooong scene of this inside Anna s empty head oh I m so scared to do something wrong that I think I ll just have a huge panic attack that will leave me a shaking, quivering, unconscious mess inside Dom s empty head oh I m so scared to do something wrong that I think I ll just make every mistake I can think of that will have Anna in a panic attack but at lea...

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