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The Reason Why Does One Planet Really Matter Among The Immensity Of The Cosmos John Gribbin Is Here To Persuade Us That It Does In This Ground Breaking And Provocative New Book Gribbin Argues That We Owe Our Existence To The Impact Of A Supercomet With Venus 600 Million Years Ago But This Is Only Part Of The Story, Just One Of The Astronomical And Geophysical Reasons Why The Earth Is Special For The First Time, He Makes The Link Between The Whole Series Of Cosmic Events That Have Affected The Earth And Given Rise To Our Intelligent Civilization A Civilization, Gribbin Argues, That Is Unique Within Our Milky Way Galaxy Even If Other Earths Are Common, And Life Itself May Be Common, The Kind Of Intelligent, Technological Civilization That Has Emerged On Earth Occurs Only Here If Humankind Can Survive The Present Environmental Crises, The Whole Of The Galaxy May Become Our Home And If Not, Our Demise May Be An Event Of Literally Universal Significance.

[PDF] The Reason Why  By John Gribbin – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Reason Why
  • John Gribbin
  • English
  • 25 March 2019
  • 9781846143274

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    Gribbin has said some phenomenally stupid things in past books, but he s really outdone himself in this one The Reason Why starts from a dubious premise Earth is uniquely suited to life and throws both legitimate science terribly abused and outright, borderline innumerate bullshit at the reader for two hundred pages in the hope that any of it stick Most arguments take the following form 1 X happened at some point in our galaxy s solar system s planet s history 2 X has positive or neutral, hand waved into significance implications for life 3 Therefore, X must be necessary for life.Or possibly 1 Y happened at some point in our galaxy s solar system s planet s history 2 Y has negative implications for life 3 Therefore, life must be very unlikely in this hostile universe.How common X is, or how rare Y, is usually brushed under the rug, and in the end all likelihoods are multiplied and held up as proof that life on Earth must be incredibly unlikely sufficiently so that there won t be any on any of the trillions of trillions of other planets in the universe It s the fine tuned universe all over again, except that the bullshit Gribbin desperately wants to believe isn t God None of it will be convincing to the sort of person who picks up boo...

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    This book is like being eight and sat down by your dad to be told why Santa couldn t possibly make it down a chimney I almost imagine Gribbin as a Scrooge like figure repeatedly saying, Aliens Humbug On the other hand, there is no doubt at all that this book really does make you think about the miracle of being here and existing And ...

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    In Science A History, Gribbin took his readers on a ride through the history of science and concluded that we are nothing special Ever since Copernicus heliocentric model and Galileo s eppur si muove whether or not he really said those words , we know that the Earth is not the center of the universe We occupy an ordinary planet orbiting an ordinary star in an ordinary galaxy When life is found on other planets, Gribbin wrote in the final chapter, this view would be complete even life itself is nothing extraordinary That was ten years ago.Now, in The Reason Why, Gribbin presents us with a rather different view Here, he tells us that the location and situation of our planet and our solar system are in fact very special, and that the existence of our species depends on a sequence of odd coincidences In other words, we have been very, very lucky Think about it not only is the distance of our planet to the sun just right not too hot, not too cold , the distance of the sun to the center of the galaxy is equally favourable ...

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    Bilimin neden sorusuyla de il nas l sorusuyla ilgilendi i art k arkaik bir g r G n m zde bilim her eyin nedenini ara t r yor Neden ya am var Neden D nya bu ekilde Neden zekiyiz Neden uzayda ba ka zeki canl lara rastlamad k Bu ve benzeri binlerce neden sorusu art k bilimin ilgi oda nda Sorulara cevap bulduk a yeni sorular geliyor elbette Ama Gribbin in bu kitab g n m z biliminin s n rlar n g steriyor Bu kitapta yan tlar verilen ve verilemeyen en temel sorular bulabilirsiniz Her eyin Nedeni, D nya n n Evrendeki yerini sorguluyor Milyarlarcas n n i inde tek bir gezegen fark yaratabilir mi Gribbin bunun m mk n olabilece ini savunuyor rne in D nya daki ya am etkileyen en nemli olaylardan biri 600 milyon y l nce Ven s e bir s per kuyruklu y ld z arpmas Gribbin bunun gibi rneklerle, D nya daki zeki ya am etkileyen kozmik olaylar inceliyor Y z n zerinde pop ler bilim kitab n n yazar Gribbin, Her eyin Nedeni n...

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    The author makes a compelling case for the very unlikely set of conditions that allowed human civilisation to arise on Earth The book is mainly about astronomy as it relates to the formation of life supporting solar systems and planets, or rather the rarity of such Our planet is truly unique and extremely fragile in a violent galaxy of star bursts, cosmic radiation and meteorites to name three Also outlines the importance of plate tectonics in the formation of continents, without which technological civilis...

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    Gribbin has been producing quality cosmology books for many years, always fun, always educational, never too technical, he communicates in laymans terms all the latest theories and concepts with great clarity In this latest tome he suggests that perhaps due to the utterly remarkable set of geological, evolutionary and astronomical circumstances that has forged hum...

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