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The Mechanical CatTorey Hayden Sobretudo Conhecida Por Sustentar O Argumento Dos Seus Livros Em Casos Ver Dicos, Num Registo De N O Fic O Que Desafia Os Leitores A Mergulharem Num Universo Real Em Vozes Silenciosas, A Autora Americana Traz Nos Um Romance, O Seu Primeiro Publicado Em Portugal, Sobre Uma Fam Lia Disfuncional, Uma Crian A Diagnosticada Como Autista E Os Esfor Os De Um Psiquiatra Para Os Ajudar Quando Conor, De Nove Anos, Chega Ao Consult Rio Do Pedopsiquiatra James Innes, Traz J Com Ele O Diagn Stico De Autismo Conor N O Estabelece Contacto Visual E Filtra O Que O Rodeia Atrav S De Um Gato De Brinquedo, Repetindo A Frase O Gato Sabe Mundialmente Conhecida Pelos Seus Bestsellers Baseados Nas Suas Experi Ncias Profissionais, Torey Hayden Apresenta Agora Um Romance Inesquec Vel Sobre O Que Acontece Quando A Realidade E A Imagina O Se Confundem.

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    I can t quite describe how engrossed I became in this compelling novel It is so complex It took me a few chapters to get used to the multi layered layout of the story How it flicks between the therapy sessions of Connor his sister Morgana, their parents Laura Alan James s the therapist s life, was a little confusing to me at first Once I got used to this format, I found the whole story absolutely fascinating Especially Laura s sessions with James The vividness of Laura s imagination regarding her trips to The Forest Torgon s stories were indeed highly interesting When it all came together at the end of the book, the revelations surrounding the ghost man that I had come to believe was just a complex fantasy of the troubled little boy Conor s imagination , how it actually turned out to conceal the terrible truth that lies at the heart of Conor s problems, was a shock indeed The final revelations of what Laura had done the effects this had on Connor who was in fact not autistic at all, just deeply troubled by what he had witnessed, was indeed...

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    First, let me say that normally I love Torey Hayden s writings I ve read many of her nonfiction novels about her own experiences in working with disturbed children But I could not finish this book The writing was well done, as always with Hayden The synopsis leads you to believe it s mainly about an autistic child s therapy treatment But the story got way too far away from this The majority of the plot was centered around the mother s fantasy imagination as she grew...

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    I really don t even know where to begin with this one I guess I could start with a general observation about the author Hayden is an American grew up in Montana , writing about events taking place in the United States, but moved to Wales in 1980 and I believe still lives there Although her fictional characters and the real people she writes about are all from the United States, she still peppers her books with British words I m not just talking about spelling color colour , or saying socialising instead of socializing , although she does do that I m talking about having American children refer to their Mum or using boot instead of trunk , etc This Anglicizing begins to feel like an affectation, and it can be a bit jarring to the reader An American author writing about American characters for an American audience, I feel, should be using American English otherwise she comes off as a bit pretentious A small quibble, true but if it s scattered throughout the book, and I cringe a little bit each time I...

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    Nine year old Conor comes to James as an autistic child in need of help James, a psychiatrist, starts with play therapy and discovers that Conor is not autistic but is very, very troubled and emotionally disturbed Little by little Conor who feels very safe in James play therapy room starts to communicate He sees ghosts and is haunted by them.James decides to involve the whole family and starts to hear Laura s, Conor s mother, story Laura is a famous writer She weaves a story about her life from her childhood on It involves a whole fantasy...

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    A disappointing read More about the visions delusions of the mother than the interesting problems of the boy supposedly diagnosed with autism Predictable too.

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    was a really good read.very good read.

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    I have read several books by Torey Hayden in the last couple of years, currently I am in the middle of The Mechanical Cat, or rather its Finnish translation, S hk kissa.

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    a bit cofusing at times but all in all a very good read

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    Initial impressions I started out with reasonably high hopes for this book, the premise sounded great, right up my street and it read well albeit it perhaps a little slow if anything for the first couple of chapters Anyway it soon became apparent aside from having very little in the way of actual plot, that it was going to take a weird turn The book soon turned from a psychological case study regarding an autistic kid to becoming centred around a weird fantasy life of the kids mother when she was a kid At this stage I gave up Just wasn t what the book advertised itself to be Plot Characterisation Plot The plot allegedly surrounded a child called Conor who has already been diagnosed with Autism When his mother, famous novelist Laura finds she cannot handle him any longer and her relationship with her husband Alan also begins to suffer as a result, she seeks the help of James, a child psychologist You would assume based on the above, which was pretty much the synopsis given on the book albeit in slightly different wording, that the emphasis of the story therefore would be around Conor, perhaps identifying the...

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    Erilainen, ehk liiankinMielest ni t m kirja oli kiinnostavalla tavalla erilainen, leikitellen tarinankerronnan rajoilla En ollut viel lukenut kirjaa joka olisi kerrottu osissa Kokonaisuus kuitenkin t kki Kirjan alussa saa kuvan, ett tarina perustuisi juuri t m n s hk kissan omistajaan, Conoriin Poikaan jota kaikki luulevat autistikseksi H net tuodaan James nimiselle terapeutille,sill h n ei usko diagnoosia T m kuvaus kirjasta sai minut valitsemaan sen Pian kuitenkin otetaankin odottamaton k nn s ja keskityt nkin Conorin itiin, Lauraan, ja h nen ja Jamesin v lisiin keskusteluihin Laura kertoo fantasiamailmastaan, jota on kuvitellut jo lapsesta saakka, mailmasta jossa h nen turvanaan on Torgon, mets n asukki joka matalista kotioloista kohotetaan pyh n asemaan Torgonista tulee kirjan kolmas p henkil , ja noin puolet kirjasta on omistettu h nen jokap iv iselle el m lleen Mets ss Oletin realistista kirjaa, joten t m puolet puolet jako fantasian ja realismin v lill tuntui oudolta, ja usein kun huomasin ett seuraava kappale olisi taas Torgonia, teki mieli vain ohittaa koko osuus ...

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