BOOKS ✭ A Ride With A Mad Horse In A Freight-Car Author William Henry Harrison Murray –

A Ride With A Mad Horse In A Freight-Car This Work Has Been Previously Published And Carefully Edited By Humans To Be Read Digitally On Your EReader Please Enjoy This Historical And Classic Work All Of Our Titles Are Only 99 Cents And Are Formatted To Work With The Nook Also, If It Is An Illustrated Work, You Will Be Able To See All Of The Original Images This Makes Them The Best Quality Classic Works Available For The Lowest Price So Enjoy This Classic Work As If It Were The Original Book

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    Such an exceptionally wonderful tale about a very close bonding between a soldier and a horse.To put it simply The soldier was wounded and was lying on floor, breathing, amidst many other dead soldiers Suddenly from somewhere a frightened, riderless horse which he would later name as Gulnare runs all over He calls like oye, which brought it to him and then on, the horse experiences an invisible connection, a love on him After a few wars with that horse, the horse becomes a national hero that it was presented on pageant in Washington Then the narrator sets to home thinking about how they ll receive such a national hero and how they ll treat the horse it was 4 years that he away Both were put on a freight car Midway, the horse was affected by phrenitis inflammation of brain that makes it go mad owing to its excited condition, it unaware of anything and out of self control, it tries to kill its owner...

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    This little tract told the true story of a Civil War soldier and his horse Gulnare How he acquired her, the time they spent together, her popularity with his men, her amazing intelligence, and her tragic death It is written with a horseman s eye and a poet s heart, but it is still a difficult piece to read for any horse lover, even one with years of experience with the sometimes gruesome side of life ...

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    This is a heartwarming story of a man and a horse The ending will bring a tear to the eye Short story also found at

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    A nice short story I read on Veterans day It s a love story of a solider and a beautiful brave horse with dog like loyalty The few pages at the end were exciting and heartwarming.

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