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The Promise of Light: A NovelIt Is 1921, And Young Ben Sheridan S Irish American Father Mysteriously Dies In Their Small Rhode Island Town Determined To Learn The Truth About His Family S Cloudy Past, He Sets Sail For Ireland, And Quickly Becomes Involved In A Struggle Between Soldiers Of The Newly Formed Irish Republican Army And The Brutal British Troops Amidst The Lush And Rugged Irish Countryside, And The Horrible Violence Unfolding Across It, Ben Must Search For The Truth Of His Identity, And The Ties Of His Family S Blood.

[Download] ➺ The Promise of Light: A Novel ➿ Paul Watkins – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Promise of Light: A Novel
  • Paul Watkins
  • English
  • 21 June 2019
  • 9780312267667

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    Brilliant and pensive at the same time I ve loved and followed Paul Watkins aka Sam Eastland ever since.

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    I like Watkins style, reminding me somewhat of Hemingway His prose seems very laid back, almost lethargic, yet his action sequences of fighting in the war take your breath away.I love the set upthe father dying because what would seem to be a straightforward blood transfusion fails because Ben is not the real son something he never knew.Becoming involved in the IRA through deception and circumstance works well, but I do feel that Watkins missed out on giving us and Ben the information we were looking for about his American father The meeting between Ben and his real father happens after the book ends, and that works, but without the information that we were off to learn, I feel cheated.To be fair, information does come about, but it seems even ...

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    A powerful book and a very good read Tight, descriptive prose, intriguing characters and a well constructed plot made this a memorable journey An Irish American gets sucked into his father s past in Ireland and finds himself a wanted man, involved in the struggle of the IRA Secrets are learned that I won t divulge here A bit of violence, which was part of presenting the reality of the world Watkins is wanting the reader to expe...

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    The year is 1921 Ben Sheridan, a young American, sets out for Ireland to track down his true family, and walks straight into the savagery of the Black and Tan war The Promise of Light is an unforgettable novel of action, a remarkable study of youth, and a work of immense ...

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    Set in Rhode Island USA and the west of Ireland a young mn tries to find himself and his true identity and family and unravel family mysteries He gets caught up in the war in Irelnd and has to choose side...

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    Paul Watkins is the best A young man travels to Ireland when he learns his family came from there He gets involved with the IRA fighting the British troops Great characters and juxtoposition of his safe life in the US vs the madness and killing in Ireland.

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    Another impressive work by Watkins, but not quite flawless As in The Blue Light of African Dreams, the characters lean towards the shallow side and the plot at times reads like a screen play, particularly in male female interactions Still, overall, a good adventure yarn.

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    Don t remember a thing about reading this ten years ago and it seems like the type of book I would remember Strange

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