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Angel of Vengeance The Novel That Inspired The TV Series Moonlight Puts A Twist On The Classic Dracula Vampire Tale And Blends It With Chandler Hardboiled P.I Detective Fiction.LA Based P.I And Vampire Mick Angel Has Been Hired By A Beautiful Red Headed Burlesque Dancer To Find Her Missing Sister But The Apparently Simple Case Of A Teenage Runaway Is Soon Complicated By Drug Dealers, Persistent Cops, Murder, And Mick S Own Past Mick Must Learn The Hard Way What Every Vampire Should Know Nothing Stays Buried For Ever, Especially Not The Past.

!!> Epub ➥ Angel of Vengeance  ➤ Author Trevor O. Munson – Survivingtheholocaust.us
  • ebook
  • 252 pages
  • Angel of Vengeance
  • Trevor O. Munson
  • English
  • 09 October 2017
  • 9780857685377

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    This novel inspire the Moonlight serie BUT it s not like the serie

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    review by SusanAshlea Warning possible spoilers ahead Angel of Vengeance is the never before published novel that inspired the TV Series, Moonlight, featuring Alex O Laughlin side note yum As a huge fan of this series, I jumped at the chance to read and review this book I wasn t sure what to expect, as we all know that adaptations can be less than expected What I discovered was an intelligently written detective novel.From the first page, I was sucked into the narrative of Mick Angel, and being that I was an avid watcher of Moonlight, I immediately had a good mental image of the character The book is a great deal darker than the TV series was, so don t expect a word by word retelling Mick Angel pretty much does what he has to in order to survive, and he equates his need for blood to a heroin addiction even going so far as shooting up the blood directly in to his veins as opposed to drinking straight from his victims though he does that too.One of the things I liked the most was the internal dialogue of this character Mick is a tell it like he sees it kind of individual and he never romanticizes the face that he is a vampire He makes good use of his strength and skills of persuasion as a Private Investigator to try to wrap this case of a missing teenager, but he soon finds out it ...

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    This book was FANGTASTIC Finally Something that is so awesome I want to sick my teeth so deeply into it that I come back with a fang missing just because I just didn t want to give it up.You don t have to be a Moonlight Fan to enjoy this story No sir re bobby You don t even need to know what Moonlight is to enjoy it It explains everything perfectly.While this book is based on the series it was actually written before the series and just recently published.Like all books and shows they both have their differences.A major one is in the book Mick is a whole lot darker, wears a fedora, chain smokes, was a smack addict in the past, he has to be invited inside a house to do hypnotic things to people, he can t go out in the sunlight at all, and only takes his blood by a needle usually.I remember Mick shooting up a couple times but I also remember him drinking it from a cup Am I wrong about that There is no Josef, waaaaaa or any other side characters from the show like the Cleaner or that video game vampire dude, or that morgue guy but Coraline who is Mick s love interest in the past and transforms him into a vampire in the show is mentioned a lot in flashbacks about how Mick became a vampire and it s not the story you think Now, BETH Mick s love interest in the show is hinted at but again not like you think I rea...

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    A book about Mick from the CBS series Moonlight Hell yes, I had to read this one Angel of Vengeance is not really like a tv series but not only because of the different story The whole feel of the setting and characters is much darker I, with my humble genre knowledge, would say it s a noir story.We find ourself in Mick Angel s POV from the first page He is in essence the same guy from the series but he doesn t feel like it He s darker, moodier and not at all as nice and good as this guy For me it was rather hard to associate with Mick as a character In my eyes this is one of the main problems with novels written in first person if you can t find a connection to the main protagonist you lose too much interest in the novel as a whole That it was happened to me Yes I wanted to know how the real Mick worked but I never really felt him as a new character The Mick we get to know in Angel of Vengeance wasn t fleshed out enough for me he felt to simple I think this mostly resulted out of the second problem I had with this novel the writing itself wasn t descriptive enough Mostly it was...

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    It s good and well written, but this is a very different Mick much darker, pre adult Beth I can t see Beth falling in love with him to be honest and with a different backstory in some particulars His turning by Coraline, for instance, isn t the same and Coraline is a stone cold monster also with a different backstory.I don t know when the book was written but I can see why they made the changes they did for the show no one could ve really liked this Mick very much He has flashes of heroism, but he s not at all romantic.Neither is being a vampire I love how the author has really put some thought into being a vampire these aren t humans with fangs, they re entirely different creatures after they re turned, numb, slowly decaying bodies hence the sleeping in a freezer , unable to see except in black, white and redthey re cool to the touch and they smell You really get a sense of them bei...

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    I didn t like vampires ever Never Absolutely not Ok, if you want to know the truth I didn t like detectives than vampires I wasn t really interesting in artful designes of criminal s sick mind I ve never read detectives, cause I was pretty sure to find there art sence impossible.But that night I ve got a novel Angel of Vengeance , became especial That night was marvelous It has changed me and my attitude to detectives.Through I love TV show Moonlight it s the only one pleasant exception between others vampires TV shows , I previously knew, book won t be a sequel about Mick and Beth The author has honestly said that Angel of Vengeance is a different story than in a show and it tells about the dark well, very very very dark past of our Mick He is not St.John, but Angel not that one with wings in a Winchesters gang and not that one, who was in love with Buffy And Coraline is not lovely vamp woman, but just a sly b tch.There s no any pink bows Neither glamour and plaque female nose running novels or beautiful words about eternal love Neither half tones Only light and darkness And the main character at a crossroads between them The choice, which makes sooner or later each of us in the soul, overtakes Mick at the most inappropr...

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    Any vampire fan worth their salt has heard of or watched the short lived 2006 CBS series Moonlight This show was created by Trevor Munson and centered around a Private Eye named Mick St John and his love interest, Beth What few people knew was that this story actually began as a novel about Mick Angel.This novel is set in the dirty, drug infested underground of LA We meet Mick Angel who is a self confessed Heroin addict turned vampire He is also a private eye who s been hired to find the runaway sister of a beautiful burlesque dancer named Reesa Reesa recognizes the old school charm of our fedora wearing Mick and manages to seduce him much quickly than Mick ever thought possible.As the story unfolds we find ourselves being taken back in time to the 1940 s where it all started and, ironically ended, for Mick We find ou...

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    Angel Of Vengeance is The Bestest Novel Book that Inspired the TV Show Moonlight but the Story in the book and the Story in the Moonlight Show are both totally different from each other because the story in the book is in the darker side,hard boiled,thrilling,wild,sexy,funny,pulp,bloodly actions and excitement in it Myself sort of picture or imagines the story in the book seems like the characters are of the in 80 s and or in Classic style type clothing but with today s up to date stuff like the darkness,hard boiled,thrilling,wild,sexy,hardcore,funny,pulp,bloodly actions,little heart pumping and excitement Overall The Book is just so darn good that once you start reading it s so hard to put it down and that I am already down to my very last chapter 26 which is only 2 pages left and then will read the little short briefing message from the author and then that s it I am done and even I am done I m still gonna keep it like it is some type of treasure to my heart or like a sovenior this is consider my very first book I have ever read besides the Bible and that it is also so darn good that I so wishing for like a part II of it or so already The stories so neat and Mick Angel is the main and the best character guy ever cause besides after Jesus,I also find him P.I Mick Angel he has such a trueheart,that seems to have truelove in the spirit in him,charming and such a realman in him that there just is none at all that are like him or really just not too many man th...

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    As a fan of the CBS TV series Moonlight I was very excited to read Trevor Munson s Angel of Vengeance , the novel that inspired the series I m pleased to report that the novel was a thoroughly enjoyable read And that s coming from someone with no previous experience reading noir stories The story s atmosphere is palpable, almost a character itself You re sucked into a dark and seedy world populated by criminals, cops, strippers, prostitutes and, of course, vampires The way Munson describes Michael Mick Angel who would morph into Mick St John in the series you feel as if you ve known him all your life This is definitely not Moonlight Mick , but anyone who picks up Angel of Vengeance should already know that And I have news for you If you think Mick is darker in this novel than he was in the TV series, wait til you get a load of Coraline.Comparisons to Moonlight are inevitable, of course Here s how I see it Watching Moonlight and then reading Angel of Vengeance is like having a musical group you love issue a collection of early, working versions of their songs Sure, they re the same songs, but you re hearing them at the point where they were first imagined by the artist You re witnessing the birth of the music, the evolution of the music And it s fascinating to be able to compare the early versions of those songs with the version you ve come to know and love.I don t think I ve ever read a book that had me laughing out loud in some plac...

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