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PROMIS Sergeant Sean Deckard Has Been Running Recon With America S Ultra Secret Studies And Observations Group For Over A Year, Taking Part In Cross Border Operations Into Laos, Cambodia, And North Vietnam Coming Off A Mission That Nearly Decimates His Entire Team, Sean Is Given Yet Another Suicidal Task It Is A Mission That Could End The Vietnam War, A Mission That Powerful Forces Will Do Anything To Prevent From Happening.Issue One In An Exciting New Military Fiction Series.Short Story Approx 45 Pages.

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    I picked up PROMIS Vietnam for free and was suitably impressed, I d happily throw five bucks down range for it Jack Murphy is a natural story teller He crafts a high speed military action novella that oozes credibility You can almost smell the cordite and the rot of the jungle as you fight it out with Deckhard, his leading man.A lot of writers out there can tell a story but don t really understand the material Murphy is the real deal, a former SF operators who s seen a few things and can craft a...

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    Jack Murphy s novel Reflexive Fire is due to come out any time, now, and I m looking forward to it In the meantime, he s begun a series of short stories which comprise the mercenary career of his Reflexive Fire protagonist s father, Sean Deckard In Issue 1,we find Sean Deckard on a SOG team snooping and pooping in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, during the post Tet chapter of US involvement in the region.The innocent sounding Studies and Observation Group, widely known by the SOG acronym, is surrounded by far secrecy than I once assumed I heard some of the old timers talking about it though never in specific detail when I was a lowly grunt Now I wonder if those people had any actual knowledge of it, or were just passing on vintage scuttlebutt from the pseudo mythical CIA operations in southeast Asia.Both the CIA and Special Forces branched out from Wild Bill Donovan s Office of Strategic Services OSS of WWII fame During the tragic fiasco in Vietnam, the two organizations came full circle to reunite in the form of SOG As I mention in my Elite Forces pages on my website, special operations unconventional warfare forces are most effective when operating with their own intelligence gathering capabilities organic to their organization s Futile sacrifices of the lives of elite warriors like Pont du Hoc or just plain wastes of effort and resources like the Son Tay raid de...

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    Jack Murphy does it again.PROMIS Vietnam covers the exploits of SSG Sean Deckard, a former LRRP Ranger and the One Zero team leader of RT Key West, based out of MACV SOG s Command and Control North Deckard is turned onto the possibility of raiding the Vietcong s command center, but finds than he bargains for.The action doesn t let up, going from firefight to firefight with gruesome detail We also get a look into what daily life was like for the men of MACV SOG.I personally feel the plot could have been better adapted into a longer novella or a short novel, and Murphy s...

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    I m thrilled that so many authors are adding short stories and novellas to supplement their novels I had to dock a star only because the story could have used some copy editing.

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