Harry Davids

Harry Davids was born in 1942 in Nazi-occupied Holland. His parents were German Jews who had left Germany for The Netherlands for better economic opportunities. Soon after his birth, his parents, who understood how dangerous the situation was, made the difficult decision to give Harry to members of the Dutch Resistance. ,The Dutch Resistance arranged from him to be hidden with a Protestant family in the small Dutch town of Engwierum. The family pretended that he was their son, and they protected him for the remainder of the Holocaust.

After the war, his paternal uncle, who had been living in South Africa, conducted a search for living relatives in Europe. He found through a cousin of Harry’s that Harry had been given to the Dutch resistance. After tracking down Harry’s whereabouts, he fought a difficult and long legal battle to gain custody of Harry. It was while he was growing up with his “new family” in South Africa that Harry began to learn some of the details about his past. Harry has continued to trace his family history and collect information on the fate of his family during the Holocaust.

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